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Essential oils and beautiful skincare products are a big part of my lifestyle.  What goes onto the body is equally as important as to what goes onto the body.

Essential oils are absorbed through the nose as well as through the skin and straight into the bloodstream.  These exquisite organic essential oils are nature’s way of providing us with skincare products, cleaning products, medicines, hugs and happy vibes.  Try dabbing on some lavender on your pulse points to help you relax and fall asleep; soak your tired feet in rosemary and lemon to put a spring in your step; diffuse bergamot, grapefruit and peppermint in the morning to focus yourself for the day.

When it comes to cleaning products for the home, I like to use things that are chemical free, synthetic fragrance free and kind to the environment.  Often, I’ll make my own simple cleaning items, but when time is short, it’s nice to be able to buy products with ingredients that I recognise and trust!

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