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Hello! I’m Linda, aka ‘The Accidental Vegetarian’. I have many labels such as Mum, Nani, Partner and ‘Vegetarian’ and love them all! Having been a vegetarian for over 50 years and being aware of the many highs and lows of eating this way, I would love to share a little of what I have learnt with you.

A vegetarian/vegan lifestyle isn’t for everyone but it’s certainly a lifestyle that can be stepped into as often as you like and more veggies in the diet is never a bad thing!   A plant based lifestyle is about so much more than removing the meat from the burger or replacing meat with tofu and processed vegan burgers.  Its about understanding not only what foods to eat but also why they should be eaten.  It’s about learning how to prepare foods correctly and why they are prepared in a certain way.  It’s also about connecting to the food we eat and listening to what is going on in our bodies.  Yes it is possible to be a very healthy vegetarian, but it has to be done well and it has to be done right!

Having to cater for a family member or a friend who is ‘vegetarian/vegan’ can strike fear into the hearts of those who may need to cater for us, but it doesn’t have to.  Simply by looking at meals from a plant based viewpoint and adding a little meat on the side, keeps everyone happy!

So whether you’re already a vegetarian or vegan, or even an omnivore looking to explore the benefits of a plant based lifestyle, welcome to the world of fruits, vegetables, legumes, wholegrains, nuts and seeds. Come and explore them with me and see the difference they can make to your health and lifestyle!


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